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Compliance Requirements
  • Customer is able to access their user manual(s) from Contents of the bike carton is correct.
  • Inspected product for imperfections/blemishes.
  • Handlebars are fitted and stem bolts are torqued correctly.
  • Wheels are fitted, axles are greased and torqued correctly.
  • Tyres are inflated to 20 psi front and rear.
  • Chain is tensioned correctly, tensioner arm moves freely.
  • Brakes function correctly, rear caliper and lever reach have all been adjusted to a suitable position. Battery and connector are fitted securely.
  • Wires, cables and hoses are routed correctly and avoid snagging or kinks.
  • Additional bodywork and/or accessories have been fitted as required.
  • Check all fixings are installed and torqued correctly.
  • Footpegs rotate smoothly return freely.
  • Throttle operation is smooth and returns freely.
  • Steering rotates smoothly without knocking.
  • Suspension functions correctly and is set to the riders weight, in accordance with the user manuals. Magnetic kill switch functions and is positioned correctly on the handlebar.
  • Battery powers on and is charged sufficiently.
  • Bike powers on, all adjustments are set to their minimum level and the PIN lock feature is set to 1,2,3. Bike and any accompanying accessories are clean and presentable.
  • Warning labels are attached to the bike as required.